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Commanders Paring PvP Parings. PvE Parings. Genghis Khan: The best commander in the game for cavalry. He’s got the most nuke damage in the game for a cavalry commander. This is a golden paring. You can use either as the primary commander. It doesn’t matter a lot. Cao Cao: Great replacement for Genghis Khan If you do not have him. This is a ... Undying Fury. Dragon Saber. Emblazoned Shield. Charge. Galea. Next, talents to get for Attila's mid-game talent build are Undying Fury, Dragon Saber, and Galea from the Cavalry Tree. Attila doesn't have that much rage restoration, so you definitely have to invest a few talent points for rage restoration.Cao Cao is one of the first legendary cavalry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms with Cavalry, Mobility and Skill talent tree. Cao Cao is an excellent nuking commander for both PVP and PVE. With the Cao Cao Talent Tree, you will be able to easily destroy barbarian forts. Overall, a fantastic commander to have in your collection.

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List of Genghis Khan's Skills in "Rise of Kingdoms". Knowing Genghis Khan's skills will give us an idea of how to best build his talents. Below is the list of skills of Genghis Khan in Rise of Kingdoms: Chosen One: Attacks a single target, dealing massive damage (Damage Factor 1700). Cyclone of the Steppes: Reduces rage cost of active abilities ...Best 20+ Commander Tips for New Players. In general, you can use Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms for these activities: Battling. Gathering. Building Clan Fortresses and Flags. Collecting Runes. Reinforcing. Doing rally for Barbarian Forts, Enemy Bases, Holy Sites etc.5. Sargon the Great (Primary) & Cheok Jun-gyeong (Secondary) This Sargon and CJ combo is an Infantry-focused pairing that is quite powerful in open-field fights, big KvK battles, and rallies. Sargon is the MVP of this pairing and is also one of the Best Legendary Commanders and Best Infantry Commanders in the entire game.Alexander and YSG perform far better in SoC and can still be used with latest commanders like. boudica/ysg. nebu/ysg. scipio/alex. alex/scipio. Those are pairings that work well on open field. Just fyi here are the best cav pairings now depending on situation : xy/nevsky best at rallying objectives.Welcome to Gainz Gaming YouTube Channel! We are a content creator for Rise of Kingdoms. Support the channel: this video...Artemisia I. Undoubtedly, Artemisia I one of the best Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, very offensive and defensive at the same time, has a very powerful damage skill that can affect up to a maximum of 3 targets. She has a very unique combat mechanic where she increases archery units’ defense and health by up to 20%, and deal 50% more ...Here is the best commander investment order for f2p and low spenders in rise of kingdoms during season of conquest! Best legendary commanders in rise of king...Cyrus the Great. He is one of the newest archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. He is a legendary Commander who has a monstrous strength in the open-field battle. All of his abilities and talents make him a great offensive Commander who can easily take down and defense against any kind of enemy on the battlefield. Edward of Woodstock. Another great archer commander that has the strongest damage skill in Rise of Kingdoms. Edward is a very effective commander for both Open-field and Rally. Rally really makes him much more special since his damage is mainly based the active skill, which requires a lot of Rage and can be easily dodged in Open-field, but in ... Sort by: EvBismute. • 2 yr. ago. I may be off but Minamoto is a cavalry commander, he should at least be paired with another cavlary commander like Cao Cao or Baybars ( Maybe even pelagius is good ). For infantry go for the usualy Bjorn - Sun pair, works great. 9.Joan of Arc prime or Legendary Joan of Arc is a cavalry commander in the rise of kingdoms (rok). She is one of the best commanders in the game right now. In this guide, You will find Joan of Arc Prime’s Talent tree builds, the Best commanders pairings, the best equipment to use, a Formation Guide, and pretty much everything you need to know.Get the highest possible rank in Sunset Canyon with these tips and tricks in Rise of Kingdoms!In this guide we'v covered best commanders and best pairings to...Here are the best legenadary accessories in rise of kingdoms! Which legendary accessory equipment in Rise of Kingdoms is the very best for free to play and l...Sun/Bjorn (always Sun) Could be worth spending on Richard depending on how much money you invest. Sun Bjorn if infantry. Beli and Baibars if you are f2p cav. Joan is great as secondary so you can use her as a great gatherer since …Korea. Arabia. Ottoman. Byzantium. Vikings. You must choose one from a list of 11 civilizations right at the beginning of the game. Each nation has its own building architecture styles, perks, starting commanders and special units. The strengths and weaknesses of them bringi into the game a lot of interesting matchups.1. Alexander Nevsky. Alexander Nevsky is a Commanders pairing tier list for KvK season 2Ti Jan 9, 2024 ... Top 7 BEST OPEN FIELD Commander Pairs 2024 - Rise of Kingdoms BUSINESS EMAIL - [email protected] Rise of Kingdoms is a Real-time Strategy ...Best Rise of kingdoms guide to best commanders pairing, Tier lists, best civilization, ... Yi-Seong-Gye-Rage-Talent-Build-ROK Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders. Currently, the best meta commanders in the Rise of Kingdoms in ranking order are: ... You must match cavalry commanders that hold synergy with the talent tree and skills. On the 10th or 15th correct answers, there will be an alliance rew Getting Started: The Blacksmith. Start off your equipment making journey in Rise of Kingdoms by building the Blacksmith and once that is done, a new quest will appear “Blacksmith Apprentice”. Be sure to reboot the game as sometimes it stays invisible. (Side quest > scroll all the way down > Blacksmith Apprentice)Get the highest possible rank in Sunset Canyon with these tips and tricks in Rise of Kingdoms!In this guide we'v covered best commanders and best pairings to... Beb49. •. The great thing about KvK2 is there is no always best rally/

But taking all of that into consideration, let's take a look at the best civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms. I've enjoyed playing games ever since I was a kid (which was a long long time ago at this point). It all started off with an Atari 65XE, then came an Amiga 500+, a Sega Genesis, a 386, and the rest was history.In this video sponsored by the makers of Infinite Galaxy, we review the best Cavalry combos and talents in Rise of Kingdoms (ROK)Download INFINITE GALAXY USI...Mar 11, 2024 · Saladin – Best Cavalry Commander Before SoC. As mentioned, cavalry is the best troop type for F2P and low-spenders. Saladin is an exceptional commander. He is just as good in SoC as he is in KvK 2/3. Earlier he can be paired with YSG and Aethelflaed and later with Nevsky, Xiang Yu, and other powerful cavalry commanders. Richard/YSG Martel/Sun are the meta pairs for kvk1, no question. F2p has to focus on survivability and grinding those kills over going at it with dps. Bjorn/Sun is for dps, though gets targeted frequently and will melt exceptionally fast. Richard and Martel are both built to be tanks, and will last 4x longer than Bjorn.The Goal: Win the battle, capture Ancient Ruins & Altar of Darkness and gain honor points during the Rise of Kingdoms KvK Event. Ancient Ruins The Basics. The sequence of troops: Infantry, Cavalry, Archers, and Siege.So, how we are going to discuss is this through numbers. If I say 50/25/25 it means ( 50% Infantry, 25% Cavalry, 25% Archers and 0 % Siege )

Here Are THE BEST MARCHES for Infantry Main Players in Rise Of Kingdoms! In our 3-1-1 Infantry Legendary commander configuration we have 3 Infantry marches 1...Another one is China's special unit named "Chu Konu.". They have extra 7 Attacks and extra 6 defenses; it is quite solid. 13 base points are boosted for a special unit of china. The last one is "The Elite Crossbowman," which is the Britain special unit. They have extra 12 points of attacks which is A LOT.We review the best talents and pairings for Takeda Shingen, who is an exceptional legendary cavalry commander in Rise of Kingdoms (ROK). Subscribe Today: ht...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Nebu Ramses Artemisia in this order for f. Possible cause: I was in the same boat and picked twilight falls over divine adobe. The logic was that.

Sun Tzu Summary: Fan-shaped area damage. Max 5 targets. Very versatile. Boost active skill damage by 20%. Excellent when using with high damage nukers. Reduce enemy damage on the open-field by 10%. Reduce enemy defense by 17% when he is used as a garrison commander. Increase Infantry HP +10%.Protect The Supplies Event Rules. During the event, Governors can use a portion of their action points to summon a merchant caravan and escort them as they deliver a large number of resources to the village. The caravan will be attacked by barbarians hoping to steal their resources along the way. Keep the caravan alive all the way to the ...

Join my Discord for more content: you enjoy the video please drop a like, if you want more content and information please subscr...Cao Cao or CC is a legendary cavalry commander in the rise of kingdoms (rok). He is one of the oldest commanders in the game being released at the launch of the game. In this guide You will find Cao Cao’s Talent tree builds, the Best commanders pairings, the best equipment to use, a Formation Guide, and pretty much everything you need to know.

Is Aethelflaed good ROK? Æthelflæd is right now t Egypt is a civilization in Rise of Kingdoms that benefits archer players in particular. If you are a player who spends a lot of time fighting, especially rallying structures and using archer troops, you should switch to Egyptian civilization. Table of Contents show 1 Egypt Civilization stats 2 Egypt special units 3 Should you change […] 1 x discount spin - 400 gems. 4 x regular spIn Rise of kingdoms, Richard is one of the best commanders, especially Mar 7, 2020 ... Comments187 ; Best Legendary Cavalry Pairs in Rise of Kingdoms [Top 4 -- August 2023] · 63K views ; P2W can only go so far... [Ekrem Abi & Baba ... This is the complete guide to all the be Like every cavalry commander, this is a fundamental talent for leading our army. Galea: Increases health of cavalry units by 3%. Jadwiga will make your mounts much stronger as a cavalry leader. ... Theo is one of the best defenders of ROK garrisons. The constant use of buffs to her troops is impressive; attack, defense, and resistance are ... Top 10 Things To Prepare Before KvK 1. If you are new Rise of KinLegendary Tavern is a 46-days event, where Dec 8, 2022 ... (A ROK Cav Guide). 15K views Oct 2, 2023 ... Rise of Kingdoms Tips - Best Commanders & Civilization in ROK" ... 1:35 Archers - Best 5551 or 5515 10:34 Cavalry - Best ... Top 7 BEST OPEN FIELD ... Honda Tadakatsu (Leadership) 1. Alexander Nevsky and Joan Cavalry Commander Investment in 2022 F2P/SPENDERS | Rise of KingdomsListMinamoto , Caocao, Saladin, Genghis Khan, Attila, Takeda Shingen, Xiang Yu, William I...May 30, 2023 · Great secondary commanders, if you don’t run him with William, is Hoda, Mehmed or even Chandragupta. But the combination with William is pretty good and, although not as mighty as Nevsky/Joan (Prime), it can be very safely considered the 2nd-best open field pairing in Rise of Kingdoms right now. Best Builds & Pairings for Xiang Yu. For civilizations that possess special cav[Top 5 F2P CAVALRY COMMANDER PAIRS in Rise ofMar 30, 2022 · Learn more about Infantry Commanders in our Rise of Skills Upgrading Priority for Joan Prime: 5115 - as Joan Prime's first and fourth skills are her best.; 5555 - Expertise Joan Prime if you have the resources (Legendary Commander Sculptures).; Click here for information on other commanders!. Best Commander Pairings for Joan Prime: Open-field/Rally: Huo Qubing (Joan Prime as secondary commander) Open-field/Rally: Alexander Nevsky (Nevsky ...